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It is a game developed by Cheetah Mobile - Rolling Sky Team

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What is Rolling Sky 2?

This app is only available in App Store

Rolling Sky 2 is a 3D run-style gaming app accompanied by music and available for iOS devices.

The basic idea was to create a musical film that users can play with, while also presenting stunning PC-level graphics and an impressive soundtrack based on...

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Current Version: 1.2.2

There were two new bonus levels, Vinicunca and Theft Prequel, but was both sadly removed due to CM wanting...

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Level Pages

Levels in Rolling Sky 2 (iOS Version)
Current Levels
Home Circle Home Starry Dream Circle Starry Dream Fantasia Circle Fantasia Pharaohs Circle Pharaohs
Jazz Circle Jazz Death Book Circle Death Book Puzzle Circle Puzzle Theft Circle Theft
Fate Circle Fate
Removed / Not In-game Levels
Vinicunca-0 Vinicunca Theft Prequel Circle Theft Prequel Ronin Circle Ronin Pharaohs Old Circle Pharaohs (Pre Alpha)
Tutorial Level
Fate Home Wizard

All RS2 Level Till Ronin


Recent Activities


Page Design / S100270
Client / Cheetah Mobile, Taipei City, Taiwan

Design / Cheetah Mobile, Beijing, China

Game Producer / Shunyao Qin

Art Direction / Xinbo Yang, Bo Jiang

Level Design / Yu Sun, Xiaoheng Li

Animation Design / Zhixuan Wang, Kaer Ni, Hao Liang

Concept / Ming Ni, Yinsheng Li

User Interface Design / Zhonghan Ju

Game Developer / Chi Zheng, Bowen Cheng, Lei Fang, Fenglei Hu

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